Monday, April 1, 2019

    9am to 3pm, Summit
    3pm -5:3pm VIP Investor/Startup Dinner



    Produced by Angel Launch 650 226-3490. Hosted by UC Berkeley Extension 160 Spear St SF

  • Connecting Silicon Valley, US and foreign financial professionals and investors to global startups and private companies for high level networking and deal-making to build successful ventures

    View past event Silicon Valley Funding Summit Jan 7, 2019

    • Pitch Silicon Valley accredited investors
    • Discover how to raise funding for your startup and pitch Silicon Valley investors and corporate partners
    • Host demo table during networking breaks
    • Presenters Meet investors for private 1 on 1 meetings for speed networking 
    • Network over meals with partners, investors and key industry players
    • Understand emerging technologies across the hottest sectors 
    • Explore trends in tech investing and market opportunities

    Tickets are affordably priced. Startup benefits includes program, lunch with investors, mixer, demos and pitch. Learn more here

    Contact Event Producer: AngelLaunch at +1 (650) 226 3490 or info@angellaunch.com


    These investors are registered to attend but we update daily as we confirm. Startups can pitch investors on venture forum; have private meetings during Demo Showcase reception lunch and VIP Investor Dinner.
    Investors invest in startups or manage funds such as: accredited investors; angels; VCs; corporate; accelerators; incubators.


    Six Minutes:

    Four Minutes:

    Three Minutes:


    101 Islands, LLC , Sunmeet Jolly, Founder
    A3Ventures, Alexander Sylvester, Principal

    Angel Investor, Gena Vazquez

    Angel Investor, Michael Mojaver

    Angel Investor, Wenli Yu

    Family Fund, Gordon Chan
    AwakeVC , Amit Rathore, Founding Partner
    Chainfund, Elvina Kamalova, Partner

    Cisco, Alen Malaki, Sr. Strategic Portfolio Director, also Plug and Play Ventures

    CR Capital, Karen Guo, Investor

    Decipher Capital, Harshitha Kilari, General Partner

    Decipher Capital, Joe Camacho, General Partner
    Elysium VC, Younger Yang, Investor
    ForgePoint Capital, Andrew McClure, Vice President
    Frontier Market Scout, Dolin Pereira, Founder

    Hanover International, Michael Gibstine
    Keiretsu Forum, Marco Salvadori, Angel Investor

    KDDI, Ken Sobajima, Sr Director of Investments (not judging)
    Mahindra Partners, Amit Sridharan, Director, US Venture Investments & Partnerships

    Mighty Capital, Erwin Hosono, Partner

    Outpost Capital, Cherie Liu, Partner
    Silicon Valley Data Capital, Curtis Feeny, Managing Director

    Strive Capital // Grishin Robotics Nuno Goncalves Pedro Managing Partner // Venture Partner

    Ultra Fund, Dr. Ann Shin, Partner

    Venture University, Dr. Wayne Lim, Investor
    Venture University, Helene Servillon, Investor
    Vision Passage Vic Kapur, Angel Investor, Founder and Managing Member
    Vostoc Capital, Sergey Vostrikov , Partner
    ZJ Future, Hanning Tai, Investment Associate


  • For Tech Startups, Consumer and Enterprise Platforms, Apps and Devices, FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto:

    • Pitch your Startup and Host Demo Table
    • Meet Accredited Investors
    • Network with Strategic Partners and Customers

    We offer two concurrent sessions in two rooms. Each room has seating capacity for 100.
    Investors will speak on panel and hear startups pitch on different topics including applications, device and platforms for consumer and enterprise services, fintech, blockchain, and crypto.


    All sessions feature accredited investors as judges for startup presentations.
    After the pitch sessions during breaks and lunch, the presenters go into Demo Showcase and meet with investors for informal meetings. Presenters will be seated at demo tables so investors can find you for further discussions.

    All startups can exhibit in expo Hall with demo tables, during meals and networking receptions to maximize exposure.
    You do not need to be selected to pitch. You simply register to pitch directly on our site.



    • Three Pitching Options to Audience:
      Mini Pitch 3 Minutes
      Basic Pitch 4 minutes total: 3 minutes pitch and 1 minute q/a from investor judges.
      Deluxe Pitch 6 Minutes total: 4 Minutes Pitch and 2 minutes q/a from investor judges

      Grand Pitch 10 Minutes Total: 8 Minutes  and 2 minutes q/a from investor judges
    • Host a demo table in the Demo Showcase
    • Hear expert speakers address tech trends, raising financing, and attracting investors or customers
    • Attend the VIP Investor lunch and networking reception.

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    The Berkeley Global Access Program offers university students a study-abroad opportunity that combines academic instruction with a full immersion experience in the US. Students will have unique access to the greater University of California, Berkeley, campus network—without the complicated admissions process. A transcript is awarded to students who successfully complete the program. Berkeley Global Access accepts applications from individual students and participating university partners.

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    We are a leading producer of tech events and summits Silicon Valley connecting global early and advanced stage startups startups to accredited investors offering millions in funding. Our events feature panels, venture pitching, demo showcase, and high level networking over delicious food and drinks for startups, investors and corporate partners.


    • Agriculture and Farming Tech

    • AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Drones

    • Autonomous Vehicles, Connection Cars, Mobility Transportation

    • Big Data, Analytics

    • Blockchain

    • Consumer electronics, Devices, Hardware

    • Crypto, bitcoin,STOs

    • Digital Media, Entertainment, Games, Music, Video

    • eCommerce and Online Retail

    • Education and Ed tech

    • Energy, Smart City, Clean tech

    • Enterprise and B to B Solutions

    • Finance/Fintech/Banking

    • Food tech, services, apps

    • Health Tech, SportsTech, Wellness, Fitness, Health IT, Medical devices

    • Internet of Things

    • Manufacturing and industrial

    • Mobile Apps, Devices, services

    • Real Estate

    • Security, IT, Infrastructure, Privacy

    • Sensors

    • Software, SaaS, SoC

    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  • Investors and Speakers attend for free!
    Apply for comp tickets to meet the most promising global startups selected by our premier partners.

    Learn More Here

    If you are an accredited investor, a verifiable cryptocurrency investor, and/or an ICO investor; or selected as a speaker; you receive a comp VIP ticket if you agree to the options below.
    Send email with "SV Investor" in subject line to investor@angellaunch.com with your name, company, title, and website if you agree to options below. Once we verify, we will send you the code.

    1. Judge a pitch session and speak on panel. Specify areas of expertise or where you invest.
    2. Attend lunch and/or cocktail party

    Qualified investors eligible for comp tickets include:

    • Angels, VCs, and private equity
    • Banks, trading and brokerage firms
    • Crypto, ICO and bitcoin investors
    • Family offices, wealth managers
    • Hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, institutional investors

  • Contact us

    Angel Launch at +1 (650) 226 3490 or info@angellaunch.com


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    San Francisco - Silicon Valley
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