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    Investors, VCs, angels, and industry experts

    Speaking Spots

    We invite experts and investors to speak on panels, and judge startups pitching the panels. There is no fee to speak if selected.

    Type of Speaking Opportunities: EXPERTS OR INVESTORS

    EXPERTS (not investors)
    We feature keynotes, sponsored workshops, panel discussions, industry forecasts and projections, case studies, and high level networking with key industry influencers. Our speakers have fresh ideas, real-world strategies, and practical hands on tools. Some sessions are held jointly in the general session, and other sessions are in separate tracks. Most sessions are 30 minutes.


    Speakers are selected based on expertise, experience, customers and partnerships, and press exposure.

    We expect you to cover industry trends and issues, and to refrain from using the session to promote your own business or venture. We separately offer sponsored opportunities when you can promote your own project.

    For case studies, we require vendors to secure their client end user to co present. For example, we had a law firm secure the head of marketing for a major food brand for a joint case study, and a mobile solution provider presented a case study with their client (a reputed brand). Contact us for approval, and if you are accepted you both can speak.

    To apply to speak, send email with "SV Funding Summit" in subject line to speak@angellaunch.com with:
    1. Your name, phone and email

    2. Company and title

    3. Website or LinkedIn Profile

    4. Panel or topics in your area of expertise


    We are seeking investors including venture capitalists, corporate investors, crypto investors, angels and incubators/accelerators as judges. You will listen to pitches with a group of judges, and then give feedback to the entrepreneurs. You will vote for the best presentations.

    Investors must be engaged in investing their own funds or their firm's.

    • Angels
    • Strategic investors
    • Venture capitalist
    • Private equity
    • Investment banker
    • Incubators or Accelerators or microfunds
    • Crypto investors - with 1M or more in crypto assets


    1. Speak on a panel and/or judge a pitch session
    2. Attend Networking Lunch at 12:45 pm and/or Networking Reception at 4:15 pm

    Send email with "SV Funding Summit" in subject line to investor@angellaunch.com with:
    1. Your name, phone and email

    2. Company and title

    3. Website or LinkedIn Profile

    4. What type of investor (Angel, VC, Corporate, Bank, Bitcoin/ICO)


          Sponsorship's and Demo Tables:
          We also have opportunities for sponsorships which involve high profile opportunities to give demos about products or services. Go to our Sponsor page for the prospectus. Sponsor benefits include keynotes, featured presentations, attendee list, sponsored workshop, advertising and promotion, demo table, press lists, and 1 on 1 investor meetings.